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12 Slots Double layer PU Leather Watch Storage Box

12 Slots Double layer PU Leather Watch Storage Box

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2-Layer Large Leather Watch Box  Organizer Jewelry Case Display Drawer Lockable Case Organizer 




oMaterial: PU leather , Velvet 


oWindow: Glass 


Color: Black 


©Watch Box Dimensions( L*W*H) : 33.5 cm * 15.5 cm * 19.5 cm 


Product Weight: 2.5KG 


Packing Included : 1 * 2-Layer Watch Box (The 


Watch Box Only , Others Are Not Included ) 

eFeature : 


Made of quality Leather and soft velvet,, Two levels,First level includes 6 removable velvet pillows and 3 pairs of glasses , second level includes 6 separate compartments 


©The watch display case with clear glass viewing top makes the box serve as both a premium storage case and a great watch box showcase. 


Pillows can be removed to make room for other accessories, such as storing cufflinks, earrings, bracelets and other items of jewelery. 


oWith elegant appearance and considerate design, this watch case is great for personal use, shop display and home decoration. 


oThis premium watch box with velvet perfect for your beloved watches, keeps them properly stored and protects them from dust, nicks and scratches from the outside 


et is the best gift for a father, son, boyfriend, colleague, friend or any other special person in your life for Valentine's day, Christmas, New Year, Father's Day, 


Birthday, anniversary and so on® % § 







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