24 Grid Socks Organizer
24 Grid Socks Organizer
24 Grid Socks Organizer
24 Grid Socks Organizer
24 Grid Socks Organizer

24 grid socks organizer


[Underwear Organizer Box with Lid} This underwear organizer storage box has a lid, magic tape, with good sealing performance, which can protect your items well, panels are washable, so you can clean them easily,

[Sturdy and Well-made] This underwear drawer organizer is made of high-quality Oxford cloth, which is breathable and moisture-proof, [t has 2mm thick high-density and durable boards in the 4 side walls (the 17-compartments underwear storage hox is also equipped with a removable bottom plate), which is durable, extrusion-resistant, and not easy to crack,

[Easy to Assemble and Fold] The 24-compartment storage box can be used just by opening; the 17-compartment storage box needs to be inserted into the bottom before it can be used, The storage box can be folded into a lightweight and compact size for easy storage and saves space in closets and drawers,

[Size] 24 grid storage box size: 12,6x9.45x4.7i n; 17 grid storage box size: 17.3x11.4x4.4in, It can meet various storage needs, It can also be used in drawers, wardrobes, cabinets, car trunks, etc,

[Multifunctional] This drawer organizer can make your home more tidy, can store underwear panties, socks, baby clothes, ties, scarves, tank tops, sports bras, belts, leggings, skirts, T-shirts, jeans, diapers , sweatshirts, toys, crafts, etc,


1, Convenient assembly and space-saving, sturdy structure; just right home storage, adding fun to fashionable life,

2, Multi-purpose use: It can be put into drawers, wardrobes, cabinets, car trunks, etc,

3. It can be stacked, and it is very convenient to store, It can make better use of every corner of the home, on the cabinet and under the bed.

4, The space occupied when folded and stored is only 1/10 of that after unfolding, which is very space-saving even if you do not use it,

5, The material is environmentally friendly, thick, and the storage box is made of good material, with good air permeability, convenient disassembly and assembly, and cleaning. The material can effectively resist dust,


Product Name: Underwear Organizer

Product Material: Oxford cloth + board

Style(optional): 24 compartments

Size of 24 compartments: shown in picture