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Butyl Foil Tape

Butyl Foil Tape

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Super Waterproof Tape is a very sticky tape, which is suitable for repairing various leaks. It's Extremely Simple and Convenient to use. Great way to Saves your time and money.

SAFETY & DURABILITY : The adhesive part of buty! tape has high adhesion and sealing power, safety, long service life, cutting and easy handling and installation. Excellent resistance to heat, cold and water. It has strong adhesion to most materials. It is environmentally adaptable and can be used in both hot and cold climates. The thick aluminum has excellent weather and fire resistance.

UPGRADE PERFORMANCE : Our super waterproof butyl seal duct tapes are made of thicker butyl material for improving the ability to deal with uneven surfaces, and the anti-aging aluminum film is used for improving the corrosion resistance and anti-aging effect, which make the butyl sealant tape has excellent sealing and leak-poof performance.

EXCELLENT BOND STRENGTH: Non-curing, self-adhesive waterproof sealant, manufactured

by special treatment, is used for the adhesive

part, which is strong Excellent adhesive strength. The thicker the butyl thickness, the stronger anc more durable it is, and the more resistant it is tc uneven surfaces. It can be done. Comparison of the thickness of the butyl is the key to choosing ~ product. It prevents water leakage just by apply, There is no need to worry about.

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