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Child Practice Magic Book pack of 4pcs with 10 refill

Child Practice Magic Book pack of 4pcs with 10 refill

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โ€œ:; High quality paper magic calligraphy notebook. Security. The paper is too thick to coat easily.

#: This is a magical manual exercise book booklet, an English writing notebook, containing English, numbers and paintings. It emphasizes writing skills training, so that readers can learn English writing skills through training, and write beautiful words in English.

#: Calligraphy handwriting, notebook can help children or adults practice different handwriting, develop their own style.

โ€œ; Write beautiful words for people of all ages. Writing a beautiful English notebook, especially for early childhood education, will be very useful.

7: Writing disappears automatically after drying, which is very suitable for repeated practice.

All prices include VAT. brand :Yuguer

Color: black

Ink color: white

Age range (description): Children Cardboard:material

Unit quantity: 4 book

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