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Deep Tissue Electric Massage Gun

Deep Tissue Electric Massage Gun

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Professional professional and powerful gun gun massage have stimulation vibration high frequency with 6 adjustable speeds, can achieve a strong force for drop muscles tight, release lactic acid and relieve muscle pain.

Massamassagequiet silent equipped with a brushless motor improved 24V with torque high efficiency and optinum and low noise, the massager percussion can reach upto 3600 percussées per minute within seconds while only 35 db-50 DB no upset others.

Lifelonga battery life the gun massage is constructed in a battery SC certified 2200 mAh and hard up 4 hours. Gun massage shuts up automatically after 15 minutes use, to prolong the battery life and manteé-it safe.

Designportatil design] pesa only 1kg, then you can easily hold a gun massage with one hand and carrega-Lo in home or office, gym.

Relax relax and rejuvenesce] vocé can use 4 interchangeable heads for reach muscles like neck, back, shoulders, legs, foot and so on. The massager shoulder neck alleviates and rejuvenates your body after long periods session or exercises estrénuos.

Commodity attributes Name: gun electric massage Battery capacity: 2200mAh Motor: brushless motor

Rated Power: 24W

Adjustable intensity: 6 levels

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