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Foldable Wall Mounted Cloth Hanger

Foldable Wall Mounted Cloth Hanger

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1. This mini storage rack for the export of original products, simple and convenient and practical, easy to install, adsorption wall, open folding can be used when hanging clothes towel umbrellas and so on, do not use when folding does not occupy space, suitable for family hall balcony cloakroom, clothing counter exhibition hall hotel rooms and other public places,

Installation does not affect the beauty of the interior, use also does not occupy much space, is a new generation of the latest products

2. Shrink folding hanger, can be used singly or two supporting (with a stainless steel tube in the middle),

are color box packaging, suitable for home hotel shopping malls or promotional gifts,

Use and advantages: a single open-air installation in the balcony, or two combination of installation, the middle plus a bar can be clothes, plus 2-3 poles can do book newspaper racks, or a number of combinations installed in the coat cabinets, when the use of clothes can be hung, not when you can shrink folding, greatly use the space.

Installation method: Wooden wall with the original tapping screws into the wall and then hung hanger can be, cement brick wall with decoration electric hammer first attack drilling two small holes and then screwed into the original self tapping screws, and then hung

hanger can be. a “N / | NY

Max load Weiaht: 5KG

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