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Food Storage Dispenser

Food Storage Dispenser

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1. Breakfast accessories: Breakfast is a good start. With this cereal dispenser, you can start your day with a delicious breakfast. 


2. Shelf life: corn flakes, oatmeal, cereals are kept fresh incontainer, and it is also suitable for storing other dry goods 


3. Use with a variety of foods. Can be used for cereals, oatmeal, candy, oatmeal, nuts, raisin beans, rice, pasta, dog and cat food, almonds, chocolate, seed mixtures, coffee beans, freeze-dried fruits, etc. 


4. Don't be confused anymore: Don't stack old and new food packages inposter, dont put more space incabinet, dont removebox, and make better use ofspace. 


5. High-quality structure, detachable bottom, can be cleaned quickly to reduce confusion. 




two-chamber dispenser can maintainfreshness and flavor ofcereals, and keepcereals, dried fruits or 


other foods away from moisture and eat them with breakfast.cereals are still crunchy and delicious during breakfast. 


Specifications: Product size: 27.2*16*35cm 


Material:, PP TPR { 



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