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Glowing Fidget Toy

Glowing Fidget Toy

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1.LED Tubes are made of plastic materials, lightweight and portable, durable and sturdy, and withstand a great deal of stretching, twisting, and rotating.

2,Light up toys have many ways to play with glow sticks; teens and kids can use lights popper tubes shaped into letters, numbers, belts, crowns, bracelets, hula hoops, skipping ropes, etc.

3.Light up sensory toys help kids recognize colors, numbers, letters, and shapes and provide tactile stimulation, fine motor skills, and audio-visual feedback

4.Effectively attract kids' attention and desire to explore LED fidget tubes are great as a teaching tool for autism, sensory issues, and visual deficits

5,Light-up tubes are easy to carry and are the first choice for glowing parties, bonfire parties, Easter party supplies, birthdays, carnivals, weddings, camping, parent-child games, long-distance trips, etc.


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