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Kitchen Faucet Absorbent Matt

Kitchen Faucet Absorbent Matt

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Type: Faucet Drain Pad Material: (Type 1)Silicone,(Type 2)Woven cloth Color: gray, orange, black, dark gray

Size: (length X width) 37x14cm Feature:

1. Safe and easy to use: The silicone absorbent pads are made of food grade silicone. Reusable and durable, just install to the faucet counter. No need to worry about wet fabric pads, or washing the pads and drying them. Our silicone faucet catchers can catch water, and then the water will flow into the sink!

2. Keep the countertop dry: After using the faucet, stop wiping the sink countertop! Always keep your countertop clean and dry with our silicone faucet

absorbent pads. Also, you can place the detergent bottle on the mat to prevent leaks.

3. Versatile: You can place KitchenGuard™ almost anywhere you have faucets, bathroom sinks, and more. Great for keeping countertops dry, clean and protected.

4. You can also put glasses, sponges, cups, etc. on the mat, or other things that can be dripped dry. It is 14.6 inches long and 5.5 inches wide.

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