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Portable Fruit Peeling Knife

Portable Fruit Peeling Knife

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This multifunctional folding fruit knife! It adopts high-quality oxidized materials, rejects aluminum oxide, has high hardness, good wear resistance, sharpness, and durability. It is peeled to a thin thickness of about 0.3mm, allowing you to easily remove impurities 


and pesticide residues from the surface of the fruit, ensuring its freshness and nutrition. 


It also has a unique bird shape that can be folded and used as a fruit knife or peeled, saving space and making it easy to carry. Its material is engineering ABS ceramic and stainless steel, which is safe, non-toxic, easy to clean, and prevents bacterial growth. 


This multi-functional folding fruit knife is a regular item in your home life, whether it is for personal use or as a gift, it is the best choice. 




Name: Multifunctional Folding Fruit Knife 


Material: stainless steelt+tABS plastic 



Usage: Cutting various types of fruits 



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