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Reusable 50 Sheets Tissue Roll

Reusable 50 Sheets Tissue Roll

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Material: Polyester 


Style: modern minimalist Function: water absorption Specifications: 


1. Strong water absorption is a good cloth, high-quality materials easy decontamination adsorption of small oil stains 


2. Strong decontamination dry and wet dual-use, fast water absorption wipe no trace no residue 


3. Material toughness, can be reused 


4. Universal water washing paper is an integrated technology with raw wood pulp to realize the whole process of using bleach and sterilizing through 12 processes. 


5. Each piece of broken line breakpoint segmentation, easy tearing, convenient quantitative access 


6. Hexagonal embossed cross-section multi-layer pressing, tight thick not easy to chip off 


Package Included: 


1 * kitchen paper towel 50 pieces VY 



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