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Silicone Body Brush

Silicone Body Brush

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Back Scrubber For Shower: It is made of high-quality super soft material, durable and much better than traditional products. One side is soft bristles that can clean your skin, and the other end is a convex spherical surface to promote blood circulation. Natural Skin Care: The skin care function helps to eliminate clogged pores and remove dead skin cells. It can combat dry skin and other skin problems, leaving the skin feeling silky smooth.

Massage: t is very suitable for deep muscle massage, including the neck and back. The massage beads on the other side can quickly remove dirt, massage the skin, relax the muscles and relieve Stress. It may also help eliminate your daily fatigue. Easy to use: The handles on both sides make it easier for you to reach your lower back. The foldable function is convenient for you to use at home, on vacation, or on business trips, providing the ultimate Spa enjoyment for your skin anytime, anywhere. Moisturize: Aims to moisturize your skin and body while improving healthier and smoother skin. It is not only suitable for dirt and dry skin, it can also smooth out calluses and remove them with regular use.

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