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Spin Mop Bucket With Wheel

Spin Mop Bucket With Wheel

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[Convenient for housework] A mop rotates and can be washed and dehydrated by simply pushing it up and down with a professional bucket. It can be cleaned while standing, which is very convenient for people with back pain and elderly people. When cleaning, do not exceed the high water mark.

[Draining function] The bucket part has a draining function, and compared to an ordinary squeeze mop, you can drain water without bending your hips when you step on or turn your hands. It is dehydrated by centrifugal force and water does not easily scatter. Release to troublesome hand washing.

[Adjustable length] If the length of the mop handle can be changed, it can be adjusted to the right length depending on the user and location. Open the handle lock, the handle will expand and contract, return the lock to secure the handle. Please note that the lock should be opened when washing and spinning.

[360 heads that can be rotated 360 times] 360 heads can be rotated 360 degrees in the head, various places and scenes such as gaps under the bed, around chair legs, parts above the air conditioner, difficult to clean, outside windows, ceiling, etc. It is a very convenient cleaning item.

[Special pad] There are two types of pads: microfiber pad and brush pad. In normal cases, you can use a microfiber pad to firmly catch dirt. It comes with 3 sheets, so it is recommended to use it properly according to the purpose. Brush pads are recommended for stubborn stain removal.

Tow bar material: stainless steel

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