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Super Absorbent Professional Roller Sponge Foam Mop

Super Absorbent Professional Roller Sponge Foam Mop

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The Original Sekito Magic Squeegee offers more efficient and practical solutions for cleaning, it is a multifunctional product, as it sweeps, cleans , wipes, scrubs, wrings everything in one squeegee, has a refill that absorbs liquids and dirt.

Sekito Magic Squeegee with lever is much more resistant and better because it prevents dust and has rollers that squeeze the absorbent refill, thus leaving the refill damp so it can be cleaned and absorb all the dirt on the floor. The Sekito Magic Squeegee refill in pvais a resistant absorbent material that replaces the old floor cloth, it is much more efficient and even impressive.

Ideal for cleaning the house, apartment, office, garage, clinics, warehouses, wooden floors, common floors, and porcelain floors, the Sekito Magic Squeegee is the best value for money for general cleaning. With the Sekito Magic Squeegee, your hand has no contact with water or chemicals.

Mop Soft Chenille has a retractable handle and microfiber bristles for better absorption of dirt from the environment. Sweeps, cleans and dries in a single task.

It has an articulated base to reach the most difficult corners, such as under furniture. Its adjustable handle allows for better height adjustment. Can be applied to all types of floors, such as ceramic, porcelain, wood and laminates

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