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Desktop 2 Drawer Cosmetic Organizer

Desktop 2 Drawer Cosmetic Organizer

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[Size] :28.5*16%* 12cm 


[Weight] : 385g 


[Material] : PP 


(Color] : Sea Blue, Polar White, Cherry Blossom Pink Specifications: 


1. Provide various scenarios, such as tables, dressing tables, etc. The wall is suitable for use, making reasonable use of the wall space, and carrying out storage to the end. 


2. High quality material, wear-resistant and thickened, durable. It is divided into compartments and can simultaneously meet different types and specifications of cosmetics, making it very practical and portable. 


3. High quality material with smooth edges and corners makes it difficult to cut hands. Simple and delicate, sturdy and durable, can be used repeatedly. Multi scene use, small household items, can save storage space and make the home cleaner. 


4. Side divided storage and drawer settings make it 


a neat choice for the desktop. The classified storage block design allows for various items to be placer saving space. SN 



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