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Stainless Steel Oil Filter Kettle

Stainless Steel Oil Filter Kettle

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Description -Are you looking for a creative and convenient oilcan 


for your daily cooking use? Our production can meet all your requirements with durable and reliable stainless steel material for long lasting use. Designed with rational lid and handle shape, making your cooking 


process more convenient. Stainless steel material, strong and durable. All-steel 


handle, comfortable feel, easy to grasp. Large spout design for more convenience, easy to pour 


oil without worry. Leak-proof curved spout for smooth oil delivery and 


safe cooking. 


Use oil cans to recycle household oils, while controlling your cooking consumption each time to protect your health. 


Stable bottom, easy heating, edible for heating in induction cooker, practical and convenient. 


Features Color: Silver. 


Material: Stainless steel.


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